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Rhode Island is close to the famous Block Island and Coxes Ledge Fishing grounds, Wonderfull  overnight accommodations, Restaurants at docks, Plenty of FREE parking - Home of Tuna, Big Gamefish, Billfish, Bass, Bluefish, Tournaments.

Chose a RI Charter Boat of your choice and lets go fishing.

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Fish You Might Catch Fishing In Rhode Island and surrounding areas

BLUEFISH: A real strong fighting fish found in
our bays, along the shore and out in deep water.
Strikes at a host of artifi cial lures, feather
jigs, eel-skins, whole eels. One of the very few
fi sh that will bite at a man’s hand with its steel
like jaws. World record 24 pounds. Roams the
oceans and is coming back strong.
Rhode Island Striped Bass
STRIPED BASS : One of our greatest salt
water game fish. Found all along Rhode Island
shores, particularly in rocky areas and in
estuaries, salt ponds and rivers. Largest local
fish, 78 pounds, came from Block Island area.
Takes artifi cial lures, shrimp, sea worms,
bloodworms, crabs, eels, and menhaden. June
through November.
ATLANTIC COD: An excellent white meat
fish. Caught 12 months of the year by bottom
fi shing methods near shore to deep-water
wrecks. Feeds on clams, crabs, and jigs. Sizes
3 pounds to record 98 pounds.
Rhode Island Tautog
TAUTOG: A bottom fish by most concepts,
but also taken with very light tackle and chum
in bays and rivers. Found all along shore but
favors rocky areas and piers. Feeds on all mollusks,
shrimp, worms, crabs. Season April
through December. Average size three to seven
pounds. Local record is 21 pounds from Seal
Rock Ledge.
Summer Flounder
known as fluke, is greatly sought
after along ocean fronts. Has
sharp teeth and although a bottom
fish will drive baitfi sh to the
surface. Caught during warm
weather. Feeds on all kinds of
small fish and squids. Weighs
from a pound to ten and above.
SCUP: A silvery bottom fish,
weighing from a few ounces up to
four pounds. In recent years it
has moved into bay and brackish
waters in warm weather in great
numbers. Larger specimens frequent
deep-water ledges and bars
offshore. Feeds on all mollusks,
squids, shrimp, worms, and bites
RI Black SeaBass
feisty bottom fish. They are
caught along the shores in rocky
areas around pilings and docks,
as well as in deep water wrecks
and rock piles. Feeds on all mollusks,
squid, clams, worms, butterfish, and shrimp. Weighs from
a 1/2 eight lbs. Average
sizes are two to fi ve pounds.


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